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Hey guys It's July 31,

Hey Guys Ne1 who is interested in chatting with tenoy may stop by the chat room at 8:00 pm tonight

Posted Tuesday, March 19, 1:18 P.M PST
Daryl sent in a pre drawing that looks great titled Behemoth

Posted Tuesday, March 19, 1:08 P.M PST
Pre Edit Material
I finally convinced ross to just give me the stuff before he spent countless days editing it. You can thank me later:) it is some good stuff so go check it out.

Posted Tuesday, Feburary, 12:00 P.M PST
THE Long Awaited
The Long Anticipated UPDATE IS HERE at least my half is:) that e-mail still needs a little e-mailing too:) we added a weapons of the resistance page with about 20 some odd pictures so go put your modem through hell!

Posted Tuesday, Feburary, 12:00 P.M PST
We will be updating soon
OK guys ross needs a little encouragement to update so e-mail here rossbond@yahoo.com We will have some weapons updated soon.

Posted Thursday, January 18, 4:31 P.M PST
Hey guys you need to join our messageboard! and RPG many exciting things going on!!

Geek Works again! And the link i put under the other one was wrong *Blush*

Posted Wenesdsday, January 10, 2:05 P.M PST
I just found out today that any e-mail that has been sent to my geek account for the last 2-5 days has been i believe the word that they used was lost. so if you sent anything to me please resend it to me at dirtjump@netscape.net thank you

Posted Sunday, January 7, 7:38 P.M PST
Steel SOul
Steel SOul has been updated we have added some new weapons so go check it out.

Ok check out some of this stuff
WE have some new Movie Posters from Chuck Franklin go check it out!

Posted Friday, January 5, 7:48 P.M PST
The site is being updated
The site is being updated in a of hours at the most we will have new stuff for steel soul some new movie posters etc please check back in soon.

Posted Monday, December 25, 5:00 P.M PST
Steel Soul has
it's own section check it out. I will be expanding soon so don't have a cow when it is only 1 page right now:)

Welcome to the Grand Re-Opening Of T3MS
I thank you for coming by and checking out the site! About half of the pages have been updated in some way or another. Mostly in formatting of the pages. Ross will have something for us tonight! BJ

WE have updated
We updated the welcome so check it out!!

I would appreciate some help from a couple of you! if you would go through some of the pages and look for broken links, write them down and then e-mail me!! thanks bjT3_MS@geek.com






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June something i'd put the date but i don't know or care:)
News Breaking Development about "T3" Script!


April 2nd 2001

The Matrix II (Scoop #2): The latest casting speculation is Carrie Ann-Moss in the role of the female Terminator. can we forecast or can we forecast!! grabbed from darkhorizons.com

Various Bits: Assembled with thanks to 'Tate', KW Fansite, 'Goose', 'Ulf', 'Ktkb3', sinemafanatik, 'Kinlord', 'Smilin Jack Ruby', Moviehole, 'pj3' & 'Gustavo'

MARCH 16, 2001
Dark Horizons reports that Chyna gave an interview on French Canadian MTV's "MusiquePlus" program and confirmed that while she hasn't signed onboard for the role of the female terminator, she is working hard to get the role. - Shelby

JANUARY 4, 2001
Wow, it looks like more and more women are lining up to be bad ass terminators. CineCon is reporting that La Femme Nikita herself, Peta Wilson, is in talks to take the role. No one is signed yet, obviously, but she joins Famke Janssen and Chyna in the running. - Johnny Butane

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